LAB ART is the largest art gallery in the nation dedicated to STREET ART. Spanning 6,500 sq ft of space, the gallery is located at 217 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles CA, and includes work by world renowned STREET ARTISTS including Alec Monopoly, Kai, Louis XXX, Annie Preece, MONCHO1929, Skyler Grey, Carl Paoli, TRUST.iCON and many more.

What is Street Art?

"The writing's on the wall is one of the oldest sayings since the birth of language. Graffiti, Street Art, One Upping, whatever you want to call it, has always been with us. Starting off when the first beings with opposable thumbs figured out which berries tasted so bad that they felt compelled to throw them at the wall, leaving a splattered expression of anger behind for modern day aerosol artists to identify with… Now look at us."

LAB ART Los Angeles | 217 S. La Brea Ave. | Los Angeles, CA | 323.933.1021

LAB ART Texas  | 315 Cole Street | Dallas, TX | 972.863.9982


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